First post

My main motivation for making this blog is to organize my thoughts around certain subjects that interest me or things I have recently read about in books, by putting them down on paper before I forget about them or lose interest. It should also give me valuable training in writing better texts. I certainly have enough free time to spare a few hours every week to write a structured text, so my goal is to (for the time being) update this blog with some kind of content once a week. Since spending hours writing a well thought-through article into a text-file, only to save it to my hard drive and never letting anyone read it, is not very motivating, I decided that I will release my thoughts for a potentially wide audience that is the Internet, and invite my family and some of my friends to have a look, though none of them should in any way feel obligated to read my posts here (though i am certain my mother will follow my posts closely). Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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