Bible study 4 – Genesis 4

Eating the fruit apparently made Adam and Even into normal human beings, with normal human urges. They finally have sex, and Eve gives birth to Cain and Abel.

Even though both sons work very hard and give lots of culinary offerings to God, he only gives praise to Abel and doesn’t have regard for Abel’s big brother. Perhaps God prefers the lamb cutlets Abel brings him, to the wheat grain that Cain has worked his buttocks off for. Cain responds to this unfair treatment by murdering Abel, and is subsequently punished by making it harder for him to till the soil. Also, God says that he will curse anyone who kills Cain, even though there are no other humans than Adam, Eve and Cain on the planet.

Except there apparently are, because Cain marries some woman he finds, who gives birth to Enoch, who builds a “city” (which must mean that there are lots of people around by now). A few generations pass until Enoch’s grand-grand-grand-son Lamech has three sons called Jabal, Jubal and Tubal-cain, who are the ancestors of all pastoralists, string- and wind instrument players, and metallurgists, respectively. (Except that all of these will die later in the flood a few chapters from now, so I guess they were just the ancestors of a few generations of pastoralists etc.)

Lamech then suddenly brags to his two wives about having murdered a young man, with absolutely no context whatsoever.

Finally, Eve, who must now be well over a hundred years old, figures out that she wants another child to replace Abel, and makes Seth with Adam. Seth also has a son, Enosh.


2 Comments on “Bible study 4 – Genesis 4”

  1. Master Shifu says:

    Oh my god this is already so much fun to read.
    And really, I though about doing this somewhere in the future. But the critic eye you have will yield surely more fun and introspection that I could ever have done.

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