Bible study 9 – Genesis 9

God tells humans not to “eat flesh with its life” (which is why Jews today cannot eat Ikizukuri), and creates the rainbow to remind himself not to exterminate life again.

Noah celebrates humanity’s salvation by planting a vineyard and then drinking wine until he passes out naked. His unfortunate son Ham walks in on his naked father, and asks his brothers to help him cover Noah up. Noah wakes up, and thanks Ham for the help.

No, I’m just kidding; he curses Ham’s son, Noah’s grandson Canaan, to be the slave of Ham’s brothers, because Ham inadvertently saw his sleeping, drunk father naked. I…don’t understand the ancient Jewish moral code yet.


2 Comments on “Bible study 9 – Genesis 9”

  1. Master Shifu says:

    No seriously, I’m cracking. Please go all the way through the 1178 chapters!

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