Bible study 17 – Genesis 17

God again promises Abram children, and just to show he’s not joking around he names Abram “Abraham”, which is similar to the Hebrew word for “ancestor of a multitude”. Sarai is renamed Sarah (“princess”), but when God says the 90-year old woman will have children, Abraham “fell on his face and laughed” at the silly idea.

God AGAIN promises all of Abram’s descendants lots of lands. Seriously, if I see the word “covenant” in this book again…

But this time, the covenant also includes prescribed circumcision for all males of 8 days or older. Upon hearing this, Abraham goes back to his house and cuts the foreskin of all the men and boys in his house (probably very many; remember the 318 warriors a few chapters back), including himself.


One Comment on “Bible study 17 – Genesis 17”

  1. […] circumcision for all males over 8 years of age was prescribed in Genesis, the descendants of the Israelites who left Egypt have for some reason not been […]

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