Bible study 18 – Genesis 18

God visits Abraham in the form of three men, and is eating dinner in his tent when he again says Sarah will have children. This time it’s Sarah’s time to laugh at the ridiculous thought. God asks her why she laughs, and Sarah denies that she laughs. But nothing escapes God’s keen ears, and he settles the matter: “Oh yes, you did laugh”.

Abraham then follows God (still in the form of three men) towards God’s next mission in Sodom; he has heard that the city’s inhabitants are really wicked, and is going to pay Sodom a visit to confirm the rumours personally. Abraham is afraid that God will murder innocent people in Sodom just because the rest of the population is wicked, so he asks God if he would murder everyone if there are 50 righteous people in the city; God says that no, then he will spare the whole city. Abraham isn’t quite satisfied, and tries to decrease the number: first 40, then 30, 20, and finally 10, but God’s answer is the same every time. Apparently satisfied that God isn’t going to do something horrible, Abraham goes home. (Honestly, I wish he’d been a little more persistent.)


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