Bible study 21 – Genesis 21

Sarah gets a son as God promised, and calls him Isaac. He plays with Ishmael, the boy that Abraham had with the slave woman Hagar at Sarah’s request; but since Sarah has a grudge against Hagar and Ishmael, she has Abraham send them out into the wilderness with only some bread and water. Hagar walks around with her 14-year-old boy on her shoulders until they run out of water, but then God promises her that he will “make a great nation of” Ishmael, and shows her a well. They drink from it, settle down there, and Hagar eventually finds Ishmael a wife.

Meanwhile, Abraham swears to Abimelech that he won’t lie to him again. And when some of Abimelech’s men take Abraham’s well, they make a covenant for… not taking each other’s wells, maybe? Then Abraham lives a long time here, “in the land of the Philistines.”


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