Bible study 25 – Genesis 25

Abraham gains another concubine and some sons, before he dies peacefully at age 175 and is buried next to Sarah.

Rebekah, the wife of Abraham’s son Isaac, gives birth to the twins Esau and Jacob. Once, when Esau is hungry, he asks Jacob to give him some food. Jacobs says he’ll give it to him if Esau will give Jacob all the rights of a firstborn (basically the entire inheritance). So the silly and simple-minded Esau says yes and eats his “bread and lentil stew”, while the clever and crafty Jacob rubs his hands in enjoyment. (Guess who’s going to be the ancestor of the Edomites (a barbarian enemy of Israel), and who’s going to be the ancestor of the Jews?)

2 Comments on “Bible study 25 – Genesis 25”

  1. […] are to be given twice as much inheritance as other children (instead of the whole inheritance, which was implied in […]

  2. […] People who cannot be part of the “assembly of the Lord” (which according to the Oxford Bible is a kind of legislature): Those with crushed testicles; descendants (to the tenth generation) of “illicit” unions, Ammonites, and Moabites. The Edomites are only banned until the third generation, since they are the descendants of of Jacob’s brother Esau. […]

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