Bible study 29 – Genesis 29

When Jacob gets to Haran he sees Rachel, the daughter of Laban, grandson of Abraham’s brother. Jacob steps in front of her and moves a very large rock to show how strong he is, and then has her bring him to Laban. After a while, Jacob says he will work for Laban for seven years, if he can marry Rachel after that time. Laban agrees to selling him his daughter in this way.

After seven years, Jacob has Laban bring him Rachel so he can “go into her”. The next morning, however, he sees that he has slept with Rachel’s older sister Leah instead! Laban explains this with a local custom of giving older sisters before younger sisters in marriage, but promises Jacob that he can have his beloved Rachel – if he only works for seven more years. It’s actually not such a bad deal; Jacob gets Rachel after only a week, and apparently he gets to keep Leah as well, who gives him a bunch of sons. Rachel is initially barren, just like Jacob’s mother and grandmother were.


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