Bible study 52 – Exodus 2

The main character of Exodus is born; surprisingly not to Joseph’s or Judah’s line, but to the descendants of Levi, the guy who murdered all the male citizens of Shechem in chapter 34. The boy’s mother puts him in a papyrus basket and he floats down the Nile, where Pharao’s daughter happens to see him. She feels sorry for the baby, and by a huge coincidence picks the boy’s real mother to look out for him. When the boy grows up he goes back to Pharao’s daughter, who calls him Moses.

When Moses one day sees an Egyptian beating an Israelite, he reacts by murdering the Egyptian. To avoid the punishment of the law, he flees to Midian, probably southeast of Egypt and on the eastern coast of the Red Sea. The local priest, Reuel, has seven daughters. Moses impresses one of them, Zipporah, by scaring off some shepherds and letting her water her cattle (similar to how his grand-grand-grand-father Jacob impressed Rachel by lifting a rock from a well in front of a group of shepherds). They marry and have a son.


Midian’s location is very approximate.


3 Comments on “Bible study 52 – Exodus 2”

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