Bible study 56 – Exodus 6

Modern biblical scholarship usually assumes the existence of several “sources” of the first five books of the Old Testament (J, E, P and D). This theory doesn’t necessarily assume that there were literally four different people who write different part of the Bible; it only observes that there are recognisable patterns (specific words, themes, different course of events, etc.) at various places in the text, and assumes that this is not a coincidence.

One of these sources is the Priestly source, and the current chapter is clearly from the priestly source. I don’t actually know much about the priestly source, but after having read Genesis together with my the Oxford Bible’s comments on what parts come from what sources, it is just blatantly obvious: The language is formal, things that happened before happen again, the order of events is jumbled up, there are long genealogy lists, everything is repeated at least twice, and none of it is of any interest to the story.


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