Bible study 58 – Exodus 8

God then fills Egypt with frogs. He puts frogs in the fields, frogs in people’s houses, frogs in their ovens, frogs in their utensils, frogs in Pharaoh’s own bed. And when there are frogs everywhere, Pharaoh’s magicians accept the challenge and create even more frogs. Pharaoh finally gets enough of God’s silly tricks, and tells Moses and Aaron that the Jews can go and do their sacrifice to God if he only get rid of all the frogs. So God kills all the frogs in their place, “and the land stank.” Possibly annoyed by this less than ideal method of removing the frogs, Pharaoh breaks his promise, and retains the Jews.

Next, God sends small biting insects (gnats, lice or fleas) onto all Egyptians. The magicians, who had no problem producing frogs, are for some reason awed by this magical production of insects; but Pharaoh’s heart is still hardened by God.

God then sends swarms of flies over Egypt, and again Pharaoh has Moses remove them, and again he breaks his promise to let the Jews go to worship.


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