Bible study 62 – Exodus 12

Do you know passover? It’s a common Jewish holiday in April when people get together to eat flat bread, drink wine and sing songs to commemorate the Exodus from Egypt.

Do you know why it is called “passover”? Because it commemorates the Jews painting their doors with goat blood in order that God would “pass over” their houses, and kill the firstborn in their neighbouring Egyptian houses instead. They eat flat bread, because the Egyptians urged them to leave so quickly after this, that they didn’t have time to have their bread rise with yeast first. And so 600.000 Jewish men, with their women, children and livestock (totalling a population which was probably similar to the entire Egyptian population at the time), leave Egypt and start their long journey back to Canaan.

This chapter also goes into detail about how to celebrate passover: how long you should eat flat bread, what happens if you eat normal bread, what happens if normal bread is found in your house, what clothes you should be wearing when eating a ceremonial lamb, and what kind of people can be allowed to get themselves circumcised in order to eat the flat bread and the lamb.


2 Comments on “Bible study 62 – Exodus 12”

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