Bible study 63 – Exodus 13

I think God asks the Jews to sacrifice all firstborn males of their livestock to him (the Oxford Bible seems to think he means “bless”, but that doesn’t make any sense to me), making specific exemptions for those of donkeys and humans.

God turns into “a pillar of cloud by day” and “a pillar of fire by night” to lead the Israelites through an intentionally difficult route through the Sinai desert, instead of just going along the shore of the Mediterranean.


The route they take is ahistorical and nonsensical, so I won’t make a great effort out of making my maps accurate. I will just use the information given in the text to make a route that makes geographic sense.


One Comment on “Bible study 63 – Exodus 13”

  1. […] tribes, than there are males in total among the Levites. (All firstborn males, including livestock, belong to God, and they have to pay five shekel each to redeem themselves. But since the Levites already belong […]

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