Bible study 68 – Exodus 18

Since they are near Moses’ old home in Midian, his father-in-law Jethro pops by! For some reason, he takes his daughter Zipporah (Moses’ wife) and grandsons (there are two now) with him back home. But before he does, he solves one of Moses’ organizational problems.

So far, Moses has lead the millions of Jews by solving every single internal problem personally, since he is the only one who knows God’s wishes. Jethro points out that this extreme type of dictatorship is very inefficient. Instead, Jethro suggests that Moses teach God’s instructions to some of his best men, so he can delegate power, and only deal with the most important problems himself. Moses tries out this more bureaucratic form of a dictatorship, and the political reform is a success.


2 Comments on “Bible study 68 – Exodus 18”

  1. […] with lots of family in Midian) gave him a cold shoulder that night (unless she was herself still in Midian and was slaughtered like everyone […]

  2. […] starts a very long speech to the Israelites in Moab. He retells how he delegated his dictatorial powers to a team of elders; and then the much later story about how the Israelites rebelled and were condemned by God to walk […]

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