Bible study 69 – Exodus 19

About three months have passed since the Israelites left Egypt, and they reach Mount Sinai (which is possibly the same as Mount Horeb, in which case they haven’t moved since chapter 17). God proclaims to Moses that the whole earth is his, but that the Israelites are sort of his priests on earth. They (or at least the adult men) are now asked to wash up and gather around Mount Sinai (but not touch it, unless they want to be stoned to death). Once this is done, someone sounds a trumpet, and Mount Sinai turns into a volcano. Moses takes Aaron and goes up to the top of the smoking, trembling volcano.


Mount Horeb and Mount Sinai may have been supposed to be the same mountain. More likely, they are both the product of mixing up a bunch of fictional mountains from different traditions. In the text, however, they appear somewhat distinct, so I treat them as such. Again, the location is largely arbitrary.


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