Bible study 72 – Exodus 22

It is really hard to summarize these rules, because there does not appear to be any reason to their ordering. This chapter declares the punishments for respectively; theft of animals; burglary at night; illegal grazing; arson of fields; theft of goods held for safekeeping; disputed ownership of livestock; injury to animals that are sent for safekeeping, borrowed or hired; intercourse with virgins; being a female sorcerer; bestiality; paganism; abusing widows or orphans (the last four are capital offenses); giving loans with interest to poor people; pawning someone’s clothes; talking badly about God or leaders; and delays in harvest sacrifices.


2 Comments on “Bible study 72 – Exodus 22”

  1. […] a fight, ending with one of the guys cursing using God’s name. This has been prohibited several times, however the punishment for it hasn’t been spelled out yet. But considering stoning is the […]

  2. […] should never charge interest on loans to other Israelites (Exodus 22 prescribed the same, but only for poor […]

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