Bible study 77 – Exodus 27

God now orders the construction of an altar, which is to be put on the outside of the 15m x 5m tabernacle tent, but inside the “court of the tabernacle”, which is surrounded by 50m x 25m of curtains. In chapter 20, God made a point out of only needing a simple earthen altar, contrasting it with the extravagant statues of gold and silver made for other gods. Now he wants it made out of exquisite wood, with a complement of bronze pots, basins, forks, and shovels (wait, shovels? What exactly are they to do at this altar?), and with horns sticking out of it.

Aaron and his descendants are appointed as priests, and are to stay in the holy place (outside the super-holy place with the holy box) inside the tabernacle-tent.


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