Bible study 81 – Exodus 31

God specifies which craftsmen are to build the tabernacle. He then asks Moses to make sure the Israelites keep the Sabbath, and to execute anyone who works on the Sabbath day.

Forty days have passed, and Moses finally receives the two stone tablets written by God. Again, it is unclear exactly what is written on them; chapter 24 only said “the law and the commandment”.

Exodus 31:15
(…) whoever does any work on the sabbath day shall be put to death.


One Comment on “Bible study 81 – Exodus 31”

  1. […] about a guy who gathers sticks on the Sabbath. When the Israelites ask God what to do with him, God reaffirms that the punishment for working on the sabbath is death. I’ve mentioned several times that […]

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