Bible study 95 – Leviticus 5

Poor people who can’t afford to sacrifice a whole female goat for the sin offering, can instead offer two pigeons or turtledoves. If you can’t even afford that, you can just offer two litres of grain, of which the priest can eat most of it.

The next type of sacrifice is the guilt offering. Like the sin offering, it needs to be offered when someone sins, but it seems to be intended for more specific damage or illegal seizure of property. The example given in this chapter is of unintentionally touching a holy item in the tabernacle, in which case you need to give the priests a male goat or its equivalent money value, plus 120% of the value of the holy item. The next chapter mentions fraud and robbery as other reasons for paying the guilt offering.

(But you also have to pay the male goat if you “sin without knowing it,” which sounds like would apply to all the sin offering-offenses as well.)

Leviticus 5:11
But if you cannot afford two turtledoves or two pigeons, you shall bring as your offering for the sin that you have committed one-tenth of an ephah of choice flour for a sin offering…


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