Bible study 97 – Leviticus 7

Elaboration on the guilt offering and the sacrifice of well-being. The sacrifice of well-being turns out to be something you give either when you want to thank for something (“thanksgiving sacrifice”), or else whenever you feel like sacrificing a goat to God (“freewill sacrifice”).

Finally, God has some remarks on sacrifices in general: Never eat unclean animals. Never eat fat or drink blood. Bring all sacrifices personally. Give the priest the right thigh of your sacrifice.

This ends the explanation of the various sacrifices the Israelites have to make at the tabernacle. Unless the Israelites are an extremely pious people who never sins, at least Aaron and his sons will have more than enough flour, unleavened cakes and goat thighs to eat for eternity.

Leviticus 7:14
From this you shall offer one cake from each offering, as a gift to the Lord; it shall belong to the priest who dashes the blood of the offering of well-being.


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