Bible study 100 – Leviticus 10

Warning: do NOT become one of God’s priests. It is an extremely perilous job. Two of Aaron’s four sons decide to make an offering of incense to God in addition to all the animal sacrifices. For this, they are immediately consumed by fire, since they were not explicitly commanded to make an incense offering. I mean, this might just be the most innocuous offense ever, and they are executed for it?

Moses has the dead boys taken away, while God explains to Aaron various offenses (leaving the tabernacle, being drunk in the tabernacle) that earns one the death penalty.

Finally, Moses is angry at Aaron that his sons didn’t eat the sin offering (a male goat) of the people before they burned it. Which is technically valid; chapter 6 does mention that sin offerings should be eaten (although the Oxford Bible notes claim that it is not a command, only a suggestion), and chapter 9 does not mention it actually being eaten. But it doesn’t mention the priests’ own sin offering being eaten either; and according to chapter 4, the people’s sin offering should be a bull, not a male goat. Plus, it’s never implied that any part of the sin offering (except from the fat) should ever be burnt. In short, the ritual in chapter 9 is full of errors performed by both Aaron and Moses, and for some reason Moses reacts to only one of them.

Leviticus 10:16
Then Moses made inquiry about the goat of the sin offering, and—it had already been burned!


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