Bible study 104 – Leviticus 14

When someone afflicted with tsara’at heals, he can come back into the camp only after going through a ritual with a priest. Yes, the ritual includes the killing of several animals, and spraying of blood pretty much everywhere.

Next, what do you do if there is a disease in your house? No, I don’t mean if one of your housemates is sick; I mean if there is literally a tsara’at affliction in the stone walls of your house. Then you throw out the diseased stones, have the priest examine the rest, and hope the disease disappears. If it doesn’t, you have to tear the house down.

Leviticus 14:44
(…) the priest shall go and make inspection; if the disease has spread in the house, it is a spreading leprous diseases in the house; it is unclean.


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