Bible study 114 – Leviticus 24

Aaron is instructed to keep a light burning in the tabernacle every night, and bread is to be brought to the priests in the tabernacle to eat.

Two guys in the crowd start a fight, ending with one of the guys cursing using God’s name. This has been prohibited several times, however the punishment for it hasn’t been spelled out yet. But considering stoning is the penalty for cursing your parents, the punishment for cursing God can hardly be any less strict, and the blasphemer is quickly stoned to death by the crowd on God’s orders.

God also uses the occasion to remind everyone of the “tooth for a tooth” rules; anyone who kills a human must die, and anyone who kills someone else’s animal must pay the victim an animal.

Leviticus 24:13-14
The Lord said to Moses, saying: Take the blasphemer outside the camp; and let all who were within hearing lay their hands on his head, and let the whole congregation stone him.

Full text.


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