Bible study 142 – Numbers 25

The Israelite men start copulating with the Moab women, and then worshipping their god Baal. God asks Moses to impale all the Israelite elders, but Moses settles with killing only the heretics. This isn’t enough for God, so he starts another plague. It kills 24,000 people, and is only stopped by Eleazar’s son executing an Israelite man and his Midianite lover who happened to be nearby. Moses must have felt uncomfortable here, seeing as how his wife is Midianite. Just to bring the point home, God tells Moses to “defeat” the Midianites.

Numbers 25:4
The Lord said to Moses, “Take all the chiefs of the people, and impale them in the sun before the Lord in order that the fierce anger of the Lord may turn away from Israel. (…)”

Full text.


One Comment on “Bible study 142 – Numbers 25”

  1. […] sends an army of 12,000 men to the far-away country of Midian, as ordered by God in chapter 25. They kill all adult males (including Balaam, who doesn’t even live there), burn all their towns, […]

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