Bible study 151 – Numbers 35

The Levites are to receive 48 towns from the other tribes. 6 of the towns are to be “refuge towns”, 3 of which are to be east of the Jordan (which contradicts earlier chapters that implied all Levites are to live in Canaan).

The refuge towns are places where perpetrators of accidental homicide can flee to in order to avoid execution (as prescribed in Exodus 21). A trial is held to determine their guilt: if they are found guilty of murder, a relative of the murdered must execute them. If the killing is found to be accidental, they must stay in the refuge city until the current high priest dies, after which they are free men.

Numbers 35:31
Moreover you shall accept no ransom for the life of a murderer who is subject to the death penalty; a murderer must be put to death.

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One Comment on “Bible study 151 – Numbers 35”

  1. […] Moses once again commands the building of six refuge towns. But this time, all six are to be built in Canaan. There is no mention of building three of them in Reuben, Gad and Manasseh’s lands east of Jordan, as was ordered in Numbers 35. […]

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