Bible study 207 – Joshua 21

The only tribe not to receive any land yet is the Levites, and they now receive 48 cities and their surrounding pastures from all the other twelve tribes, including the refuge cities of the previous chapter.

It’s a little frustrating to have spent all this time making my maps as accurate as possible, and then discovering that the author(s) of the book can’t even keep their attention span within a few chapters: Shechem has been moved from Manasseh to Ephraim, Heshbon from Reuben to Gad, and Gezer is suddenly no longer full of Canaanites (it’s like every other chapter Israel is still teeming with Canaanites, and the next God has completely annihilated them all).

Joshua 21:44
And the Lord gave them rest on every side just as he had sworn to their ancestors; not one of all their enemies had withstood them, for the Lord had given all their enemies into their hands.

Full text.


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