Bible study 208 – Joshua 22

The tribes of Reuben and Gad, and the half of Manasseh who are to live to the east of the river Jordan, leave for their lands. But they first create an altar by the Jordan. This infuriates “the Israelites” (whom the people east of Jordan are apparently no longer counted among), since there should only be one altar in Israel (at the moment, the one outside the Tabernacle), and they prepare for war. But Reuben, Gad and Manasseh explain that they only built the altar as a witness to future generations that they do, indeed, worship God, and not the other gods of the land.

Joshua 22:22
“The Lord, God of gods! The Lord, God of gods! He knows; and let Israel itself know! If it was in rebellion or in breach of faith toward the Lord, do not spare us today…”

Full text.


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