Bible study 220 – Judges 10: “Jephthah 1 – Preample to the story of Jephthah”

Two more judges, Tola and Jair, give Israel a few decades of peace, until they die and the Israelites again start worshipping other gods. God then has the Ammonites attack from the east and oppress the Israelite lands east of the Jordan. This has the desired effect of the Israelites begging God to help them again. But first they need to find another judge.

I will experiment with inserting chapter titles into the blog post title, to make it easier to identify at a glance what any given chapter is about. This chapter is called “Jephthah 1” because it is basically the introduction to the story of Jephthah, although his name has not been mentioned yet.

Judges 10:18
… “Who will begin the fight against the Ammonites? He shall be head over all the inhabitants of Gilead.”

Full text.


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