Bible study 225 – Judges 15: “Samson 3 – Killing spree”

Some time after leaving his bride, whom he married solely to create a pretext for violence and whose people he deliberately offended and murdered before storming away from the wedding, Samson returns only to find she has married someone else. He figures out that this must be a good pretext for violence, and creates a strange contraption of three hundred foxes and burning torches to set the Philistines’ grain reserves ablaze.

The Philistines respond to the destruction of their food supplies by murdering his ex-bride and her father. This, of course, must only please Samson, since he finally has something that remotely resembles a pretext for violence; and he slays all the responsible Philistines.

News of these calamities reach the rest of the Philistines, who start attacking Judah to force them to give up Samson. So Judah ties up Samson and brings him to the Philistines; but he breaks free with his superhuman strength, and kills all the Philistines present.

Samson then rules Israel for twenty years.

Judges 15:15
Then he found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, reached down and took it, and with it he killed a thousand men.

Full text.


Samson with the Jawbone, Salomon de Bray. Source.


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