Bible study 229 – Judges 19: “The Benjaminite War 1 – The rape”

A Levite on his way from Bethlehem to Ephraim with his concubine, is given room and board by an Ephraimite in Gibeah, a city in the territory of Benjamin. Unfortunately, the population of Gibeah has decided to reenact the scene from Sodom in the book of Genesis: They demand to get to rape the Levite traveler, but the Ephraimite instead offers them his virgin daughter — and the Levite’s concubine (the Levite himself apparently does not resist this suggestion). The angry mob apparently ignores the virgin daughter, and instead rapes the Levite’s concubine to death. The next morning, the Levite throws her body onto his donkey, travels home, cuts her up into twelve pieces, and sends one piece to each tribe in Israel.

Judges 19:22
… They said to the old man, the master of the house, “Bring out the man who came into your house, so that we have have intercourse with him.”

Full text.



The Levite brings his dead concubine home on a donkey. By Gustave Dore, ca. 1880. Source.


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